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Know what you don't know about arboriculture

If there are certain aspects of the work of arboricultural consultants that you are not sure of, it is time to clear them up. You should do that because you want to understand better the different aspects of the work that these experts do with your trees. It is important, as it guarantees the wellbeing of the trees and that there will not be major problems associated with them. Here are a few of those aspects and questions regarding arboriculture that you should learn more about:



  • What is arboriculture all about? – Many practices and activities go into what people refer to as arboriculture. Generally speaking, you can define it as the work associated with keeping trees in their best condition. Most of this work targets the visual aspect of woodland and has nothing to do with timber production or similar activities.
  • What is an arboricultural contractor? – This is a professional you hire to prune your tree, advise you how to care for trees on your property, or, in the worst case scenario, fell a tree that is dangerous. Other names for such an expert include tree surgeon and arborists.


  • What does an arboricultural contractor do? – There are a few services you can acquire from the professionals. As mentioned, you’d most commonly contact them to prune or fell a tree. They can also remove a stump. Additionally, they can consult you on the health of your trees, and check if a tree is protected. You can also consult with such an expert on legal matters regarding your tree.


  • Where do you hire such experts from? – A quick search on the Internet will provide you with plenty of options. Simply search for ‘tree work’, and you will get many candidates in your area. You can also check out lists on the Arboricultural Association, which provide contact information, as well as a price quote on their services. Before you hire any of them, make sure you browse several companies and get a quote from all of them. Keep in mind that to get a precise quote, you should ask for an on-site visit. You may have to pay for such a visit, so make sure you ask before you arrange it.


  • How do you choose a consultant/contractor? – There may be no list of approved contractors, although if you browse the Arboricultural Association online website. If you want to be sure you have qualified staff on the case, ask for insurance cover, membership in certain trade associations and job references. Never trust a company that doesn’t follow the strict safety guidelines of the industry.
  • What companies should you employ? – Do not trust people who knock on your door and leave flyers by the mailbox. If you don’t know anything about their address, work qualification, insurance and so on, it is best to seek another established company for the task.

There is no doubt that by now you know more about arboriculture. Knowing who to hire when you have a problem tree will prove quite valuable.



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